How to prevent heart attack naturally at home.

Top 10 foods to clean your arteries that can prevent a heart attack.

How to prevent heart attack naturally at home

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Arteries are the blood vessels that transport oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of

the body as you know our bodies relies on oxygen for survival.

which means that the arteries serve a pretty important purpose wouldn’t you say

but sometimes our diet and lifestyle choices can cause arteries to become clogged

which increases the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke this is a term

that is referred to as atherosclerosis and it often goes unnoticed until symptoms such as chest pain start to arise

there are definitely some foods that many of us eat that can increase the likelihood of a blockage however with that said there are also some foods

that work to cleanse your arteries and keep them open as well and that is exactly what we are going to

talk about in this video be sure to watch until the end because there’s one food that always seems to surprise everyone so

if you’re ready let’s get into it just a quick reminder we are not doctors this video is for informational

purposes only but the first food that we need to talk about is flaxseed flax seeds are one of the most popular superfoods because

they offer several health benefits for the human body they’re great for your arteries because their components work to decrease cholesterol levels

which can lower blood pressure and decrease the likelihood of a blood clot forming green tea is another superfood

that can be beneficial for your arteries studies found that those who drink green tea regularly tend to have

a healthier cardiovascular system than those who don’t green tea is loaded with polyphenols

which researchers believe to offer multiple health benefits of course includingyour heart and blood

vessels one study found that those who drink green tea were 20 percent less likely to experience heart disease or have a stroke

they were also 22 less likely to pass away from heart related conditions next we need to talk about

walnuts in general whenever you eat a meal that is high in fat content it puts your arteries in a state of shock over time

this causes them to stiffen and become hearted one study found that if you eat walnuts along with a meal

that is high in fat it results in effects that are much less severe you should strive to limit saturated fat consumption however

you can consider adding walnuts to your diet in order to mitigate some of the negative effects another

healthy food to consider is beets beets are known to be high in nitrates

when you eat beets your body transforms their properties into nitric oxide which is a molecule that

performs a number of important roles in the body when blood vessels become inflamed it can cause a decrease in the amount of nitric oxide

that your body produces eating foods that are loaded with dietary nitrates like beets can offset these negative effects that are caused by inflammation in

fact research found a link between consuming nitrates and a lower risk of dying from heart problems the next food

that can offer benefits for your arteries is fish that is because fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids

studies found that the components of omega-3s work to decrease the manifestation of cellular adhesion

this means that they can decrease the buildup of plaque that occurs in the arteries and when you

decrease plaque buildup it lowers your risk of other heart related problems as

well next up is beans beans are rich in fiber and are known for being a heart-healthy food like other foods

that we’ve mentioned beans also work to decrease plant buildup as well several studies have shown that eating beans can decrease

the amount of bad cholesterol in the body not to mention they have been shown to lower blood

pressure levels as well moving right along another healthy food is citrus fruits not only is citrus fruit very tasty

it also contains vitamins minerals and antioxidants that may provide benefits for the cardiovascular

system as well one of the primary constituents that i need to mention is flavonoids because they work to decrease inflammation and free radicals in the blood

they help decrease plant buildup while lowering cholesterol and this is likely why eating citrus fruits

is linked to a lower risk of stroke and other heart problems as well next up is turmeric turmeric is the bright yellow spice

that is often found in indian cuisine it wasn’t until recently that medical experts discovered its positive

health benefits it contains antioxidants that work to prevent fatty deposits from developing in

the arteries it contains anti-inflammatory properties as well that work to prevent the arteries from

hardening over time another spice that can provide a boost to your cardiovascular system is cinnamon

it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are responsible for improving

cholesterol and blood pressure levels a study found that eating one half teaspoon of cinnamon per day can decrease

your blood sugar triglycerides and ldl cholesterol levels another healthy food that we need to talk
inhibit inflammatory proteins which can lower ld atherosclerosis also note

that oats are loaded with fiber which offers other health benefits as well studies found that the

majority of americans do not get enough fiber in their diets fiber is important because

it can help decrease the risk of developing diabetes stroke heart disease and cancer so do your

cardiovascular system a favor and try to eat more oats and fiber in your diet so now that we’ve covered some of the foods

that can be beneficial for your arteries now let’s take a look at some of the foods that you should avoid if you want to improve the health of your cardiovascular system as a general rule of thumb

we should always try to avoid foods that are high in cholesterol because it combines with fat calcium and other substances in the blood to form plaque

which can cause blockages in the arteries also try to avoid foods that are high in saturated fat and trans

fat because they are culprits when it comes to plaque buildup in the arteries as well i get it guys

it’s unfortunate because many of the tasty foods that we enjoy contain these components that are bad for

the cardiovascular system but when it comes to improving our overall health i think it’s a sacrifice

that we have to make here are some examples of the type of foods to avoid in general try to avoid meat

with a lot of fat high fat cheese butter egg yolks

whole milk and cream processed meats fried foods ice cream soda baked goods and really just foods

with a lot of salt and foods that are high in sugar any food

that is high in cholesterol saturated fat and or trans fats will likely have negative effects on your entire

cardiovascular system instead you can opt for the healthier options

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well because we have a ton of other videos on our channel that i think you will enjoy i hope you like the

tips that were shared in this video and hopefully you’re now one step closer to improving

your diet keeping your arteries clean and improving your overall health as always to be safe be sure to

speak with your doctor for medical advice and treatment because

they will know more about your individual condition we are not doctors in this video is for informational

purposes only and just a reminder we do have a full guide on this topic on our website

i will drop a link to it right below this video down in the description thank you so much for watching

all the way to the end have a blessed day and as always breathe easy my friends you.

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